What is body leasing and why you need it in your life?

Body leasing is a new and improved way of working on worldwide projects with specialists from different countries. It works within pretty much every industry but within the IT field it is commonly utilized by employers and employees. Imagine you’re going on holiday and you’re on a tight budget. Instead of renting a big apartment you can choose to rent a small room that will satisfy your needs. You don’t have to pay any unnecessary costs and bind yourself with a contract. Same thing goes to body leasing software developers. Allow me to elaborate on what this looks like when you’re looking for software developers.

What is great about body leasing?

Body leasing is simply an outsourcing method of hiring professional software developers and skilled programmers, whenever you need them. The attractiveness of this offer comes from it being significantly cheaper in comparison to standard full-time employment costs. It eliminates several overhead costs including: office space, work equipment/software, taxes, insurance and lots more. The only requirement is that both sides to be able to communicate over the Internet. Of course, there needs to be trust on both sides, because it’s not that easy to control what a person is doing remotely. But there are certain tools that allow developers to track their work and share it immediately (Slack, GitHub, JIRA). Therefore even if you’re working in different time zones, there’s a way to keep tabs on work progress. Body leasing opens up new possibilities for working with talents from across the globe.


Whether you’re a representative of a corporate company or you’re just taking first steps in startup founding, the body leasing offer covers both sides of the spectrum. Why?

Body leasing - perfect for startupers

From our experience, young and passionate startup founders have a lot of trouble with getting investors in the beginning of their journey. Presenting a ready made product or at least an MVP can help acquire outside investment. The problem is, to get to this point, you’ll need technical support. Depending on the complexity of your product, you may need one developer or even a whole team. Again, depending on the complexity and the size of your team, this process can take more than six months.

Let your developers shine

Not every developer is needed for the whole duration of the project. With proper planning, you can estimate when you’ll need the right people to do their job. For example, developing the basic functions requires someone with experience. Once the base of the software is done, testing and polishing it may require a different set of eyes. Every developer has his/her favourite aspects of the job - it’s natural. By choosing body leasing, you can take advantage of these developer specific skills, and let people do what they feel most comfortable doing. Your team doesn’t have to be fixed, it can be flexible and customized to your needs.

Don’t worry about the paperwork

Maybe you’re not ready yet to hire an accountant or a lawyer. Maybe you don’t have the funds to pay for a long-term contract and additional costs that go with hiring a full-time employee. Body leasing gives you the flexibility of having a perfect developer on board just for the time you really need him/her and paying strictly for their work.


In most cases, the startup founder has very little knowledge about programming and software development. How can he or she organize a recruitment for a software developer considering the lack of necessary credentials? The resolution is: either you get a co-founder that has IT background, or you use outsourcing possibilities. Most of the time, the chosen software house will do the initial recruitment for you and provide you with CVs of suitable developers.


Creating an MVP is crucial for any startup to move forward, that’s why you need it to be done as soon as possible. There’s no time for training - you want your developers to be ready to hop on board basically the next day. And this is what you get with outsourcing.

Easy recruitment for the corporate environment

What about corporations? The recruitment process in global companies takes a lot of time. The candidate must go through several verification processes to get a full-time contract - checking his background and skills by a team of specialists can take months. Again, in some projects, the time is of the essence and the need for a software developer is only temporary. Outsourcing seems like the easiest way to go. It’s also fair to hire a software developer for a certain amount of time when both parties are in agreement from the very beginning. That way there are “no strings attached” - employees hired via body leasing is fully aware that they are jumping on the project for a set amount of time. After the body leasing contract is over, there’s no need for settlement (often highly requested by fired employees).

How does it actually work?

At Ulan Software we are the masters when it comes to body leasing. We want our clients to trust us: once we establish your needs, we will provide you with the selection of developers’ CVs. You then will be able to interview the chosen candidates and make your decision. The whole process is as fast as possible and the contract is extremely simple and flexible. No strings attached. If you have any questions remember we are here for you!