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Create the best marketplace in almost no time  with Ulan Marketplace solution. The best technology and the best architecture for your online marketplace.
We are startup founders - we know how to effectively create, implement and commercialize the best business or customers portals. We are NOT a regular software house.
Mobile Apps
We use PWA (Progressive Web Applications) technology to create hybrid web and mobile solutions.
No-code & Low-code platform with online marketplace

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Teamo Delivery app for IKEA seamlessly links you with a reliable network of skilled drivers to help you complete your small or big deliveries on time.


In our collaboration, we achieved the esteemed title of "the best-organized project in IKEA's history." Together, we handled the full process of designing, developing, and launching the MVP, including crafting the branding. The use of our ready-made modules significantly accelerated the project, reducing its time by 60%. Currently, we are rolling out the live version nationwide in the United States, with plans in place to expand its reach to other countries.

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No-code & Low-code platform with online marketplace

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BOWWE is one of the most sophisticated no-code and low-code solution on the world. We’ve been developing it for +7 years. In BOWWE person with no programming skills can creat web products (websites, online stores, linking pages, CVs,...) 10X faster and with the quality of Professional Software developer AND designer. BOWWE has community of tens of tousands of creators  from the whole world and it’s growing very fast. For this community we’ve created online marketplace in which you can buy design and web development services!
Project's rewards and appreciations:
+27 others

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Check our quality and play with our greatest product - BOWWE Website builder
Online Marketplace

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Honaro comes from latin honestum + opera, what means honest work. Honaro is online marketplace with products and services offered by local companies.

In honaro, you can:

  • make online reservations to book hotel, plumber, doctor or even hairdresser,
  • buy products and electronic gods,
  • order food,
  • and many more...
Project's rewards and appreciations:
+27 others

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Poczta Polska is the biggest logistic company in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. It is also the oldest company in Poland with it’s almost 500 years tradition.We’ve developed for Poczta Polska online marketplace with top-notch quality. It’s extremely fast in proceeding the request and also beautifully designed and crafted.
Project's rewards and appreciations:
+27 others
Years on the market
Lines of code on our biggest project
Team size
Startups co-founded by us

Top-notch online
Marketplace Solution

Microservice Architecture

Best technology stack

All business models

Effective implementation

+500 Functions

Licensing and IP

The architecture of the Ulan marketplace was created based on microservices - a methodology for developing applications using smaller websites that form the entire solution.


Each microservice is a separate application that communicates with other microservices as one common system.


This approach is very effective in expanding the marketplace, in its speed of operation, and distributing it on multiple servers.

When designing our solution and selecting the appropriate technological stack for it, we were guided, among others, by efficiency, ease of distribution, ease of use, user safety, and impact on UX / UI. These parameters are essential in setting up users' accounts, trusting the solution, and thus also in making purchases and earning from it.


A significant factor in selecting technology for us was the costs of creating and maintaining the application, its development time, and ease of distribution.


We implemented the frontend in PWA (Progressive Web Apps) technology, thanks to which we created a solution ideally suited to both computers and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Ulan Marketplace supports every possible business model of your marketplace. B2B, B2C, and G2C / G2B and any combinations thereof.


In addition, it allows you to sell, rent, exchange, or any other form of exchange of products, services, and digital goods and services in an effective, convenient and safe way.


Online Payments, Software As A Service, Subscriptions, Cashless Models, these payment methods, and many more are available in Ulan Marketplace solution.

When creating the Ulan Marketplace solution (in the first phase as a solution for our own needs), we knew that it is challenging to succeed with your online marketplace.


Hence, we decided to build it as a marketplace solution that we will be able to implement for many industries and customers. To make it possible, we focused on very high code quality, flexibility, and speed of implementation. We wanted to use our experience, which we have been gaining in the online marketplace since 2003.

By implementing subsequent modules and functions of Ulan Marketplace, we were guided by the goal of maintaining the highest quality, scalability, and efficiency of the solution built-in every single implementation.


Hence, the Ulan Marketplace solution has all the most important, all standard functions for the marketplace, but not more. The point is that everything that makes your online marketplace unique is created and optimized for you, but at the same time, have all the typical functions of online marketplaces ready to use.


Thanks to this, Ulan Marketplace allows you to maintain the highest quality and efficiency combined with the speed of implementing your custom marketplace.

We provide our clients with full flexibility of cooperation. We do not assume any business model in advance in cooperation with you. We know that each projects has its own unique business situation — your development plan and strategy. Hence, we are ready to cooperate with any partner and jointly develop its rules.


We understand that you may need: full IP, want to build your team, be fully independent, and have a secure future.


Together, we can find the best Win-Win solution.

Technologies we use

in our projects


▪ Agile
▪ XP
▪ Continuos integration


▪ SQL Server
▪ Oracle
▪ Sybase
▪ Neo4j


▪ Javascript
▪ C#


▪ Bootstrap
▪ Foundation
▪ Responsive Design
▪ Android
▪ Windows Phone

Big Data

▪ Elastic Search
▪ Map Reduce
▪ Hadoop
▪ Redis
▪ Cassandra


▪ Sprint integration
▪ Apache Thrift
▪ Web services
▪ Akka


▪ CSS3
▪ Knockout.js
▪ Node.js
▪ Javascript
▪ Durandal

Other experience

▪ Elastic frameworks: Codelgniter, Zend, Sypmphony
▪ CMS: WordPress, Drupal
▪ E-commerce: PrestaShop, Magento

We work with startups
and established


What makes us special

We are founders of four startups. Two of them succeeded, and the other two failed. We have significant experience in all the areas of building startups and digital products. We are still gaining new knowledge because we are still fully committed to developing our products and startups.
After achieving success in building our products and products for the world's most giant corporations, we decided to use that knowledge and experience to offer unique value for others - that's how Ulan Software was born. Building products IT DOESN'T mean simply writing code. It's much more! And we have it all!

Who we are

ULAN is a Software House with startup DNA in our blood. We work for our clients like ULAN cavalry, the best cavalry in history - fast, light, agile, and highly efficient. We are passionate and love to create digital solutions for everyday problems! For us, creating products is much more than just writing code; almost any software house can do it!
For us, building a product means knowing customers, their reaction to the product, how to implement and commercialize a product effectively, how to prepare it for scaling and further expansion. We paid our own money and are still paying for this knowledge by creating our startups and conquering global markets.
We have been creating our online marketplace solution for over seven years - Ulan Marketplace. We built it for ourselves, using the best technologies, architecture, and highest quality. Still, from the beginning, we have prepared them so that we can quickly create another best-quality online marketplace for you!


Development &

Best Online
Marketplace Solution