BOWWE is an online Business Builder supported by AI, which assists users without IT or e-commerce knowledge in creating a professional website and afterwards helps attract and convince visitors, allowing them to book or buy services online and ultimately gain their loyalty.


BOWWE became a successful scaleup within a couple of years and currently it has more than 15 000 users from around +35 countries, it has a strong presence in Poland and it’s growing in USA, Western Europe and Latin America. 


BOWWE has been continuously updated with new functions, designs and applications such as booking engine, online payments, catalogue of products and services...


Project Statistics

Hours of graphic design
Hours of development
Hours of testing
Hours of template coding

You got the client on your website?
Don't let him get away!

BOWWE requirements were non-standard just as the current product. An intelligent growth platform for small and medium-size enterprises. Powered by artificial intelligence aiming to have an additional employee in the companies. 


The main features: acquiring, maintaining and building customer loyalty 24 hours a day. BOWWE offers a complete set of tools which support SMEs with their online presence. From creating a website to all the apps they need to sell and build relations and customer loyalty.

The only Business Builder

BOWWE is not only a platform to create a website, but an app to acquire and retain customers

Beautiful and functional

Aesthetic & extraordinary UX/UI,
designed to be easy for non-IT skilled users

Flexible and powerful

No matter the industry, BOWWE will help your business to grow and develop

Used technologies

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Reward and Recognition

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