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Generate New Revenue Stream
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Start selling New Products or Services
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Increase Profits

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Is your growth strategy stagnant?

Searching for new business models? Need to differentiate from competitors and drive sales?

In today’s competitive landscape, standing out is crucial. Many businesses struggle to find effective models to differentiate themselves and drive sales. Without innovation, your competitors will continue to offer a broader range of products and services, capturing more market share.
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Ulan is here to help you.

“For over 13 years, we’ve been helping companies create successful business models and increase sales using marketplace technology.”

Since 2003, Ulan Software has been at the forefront of the business and marketplace sectors, gaining invaluable experience in industries such as banking, logistics, and SMEs. Our extensive background provides a deep understanding of marketplace requirements, enabling us to address them effectively and drive your success.

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Make it Big, Make it Fast

The marketplace model creates multiple revenue streams by leveraging the network effect, diverse product offerings, and various monetization strategies. This approach accelerates growth, attracting more buyers and sellers, and turning your platform into a thriving ecosystem. A marketplace positions you as the industry leader, dominating market share.
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Win the Market with the Widest Offer

You might already have an online shop and think it’s enough. It’s not. The online marketplace model isn’t just about selling more of the same. Start offering products and services that go beyond your standard offerings. Propose the widest selection in your niche and become the one-stop shop.
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Increase Profits with Each Transaction

You control your monetization policy. With the marketplace, you're not just earning from transactions. Unlock new income sources by monetizing data insights and selling advertising space. Every interaction on your platform boosts your bottom line. Start crafting your profit engine.

Discover How to Launch Your Marketplace

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Karol Andruszków
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Leveraging our proprietary framework, we can launch a fully functional marketplace in just 6 months.

This approach optimizes development and customization, saving 20-25% in time and reducing costs.

Our commitment ensures timely delivery and exceeds client expectations with a refined, complete product, not just an MVP.

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Marketplace capabilities

Rates and recommendations
Loyalty programs
Departments and Branches
Privacy management
News feed
and more

Selected projects​​​​​​​

Teamo Delivery app for IKEA seamlessly links you with a reliable network of skilled drivers to help you complete your small or big deliveries on time.


In our collaboration, we achieved the esteemed title of "the best-organized project in IKEA's history." Together, we handled the full process of designing, developing, and launching the MVP, including crafting the branding. The use of our ready-made modules significantly accelerated the project, reducing its time by 60%. Currently, we are rolling out the live version nationwide in the United States, with plans in place to expand its reach to other countries.

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Bank Polski

Implementation of Ulan Marketplace for Polish bigest bank PKO BP S. A. The project aimed to create a POC marketplace, which was then tested in terms of its feasibility in the banking environment and the achievement of the bank's goals. 

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Polish Post

Personalization and implementation of Ulan Marketplace for Polish Post. It was designed and implemented to support almost 100 000 employees of Poczta Polska.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of companies benefit most from marketplace technology?

Companies with a large customer base, frequent website traffic, or a vast network of suppliers and vendors can benefit significantly from marketplace technology. It’s particularly effective for businesses looking to streamline their sales processes and expand their market reach.

How can marketplace technology help scale my business?

Marketplace technology can help scale your business by expanding your reach to more customers, increasing sales opportunities, and providing a platform for managing large volumes of transactions efficiently. It also allows for easy integration with other business systems.

How can marketplace technology improve customer experience?

By offering a centralized platform with a wide range of products or services, easy navigation, and personalized recommendations, marketplace technology enhances the overall customer experience, making it more convenient and engaging.

Can I customize the marketplace platform to fit my business needs?

Yes, our marketplace solution is highly customizable. You can tailor the user interface, add specific features, and integrate third-party tools to match your unique business requirements and branding.

What investment is required to implement marketplace technology?

The investment varies depending on the complexity and scale of the platform and business requirements. Please contact us to get an estimate from our consultants.