Honaro is web based social collaboration platform for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. It helps them in building databases of their relations (customers, employees, suppliers,...), be in touch with them through messages, emails, SMSes, notifications, build trust and loyalty programs, organize company and its resources.

Honaro is designed in RESTful architecture to handle high volume of transactions. It was released in 2012 and currently has more than 50 000 active users in +30 countries.

Honaro is in a few words: a modular, flexible and reliable platform capable to power itself and other platforms with its different applications like booking engines, online reviews, loyalty programs, catalog of products and others.

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Project Statistics

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Delivering a unique and reliable platform for products and services dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses. The core objective is to help SMEs to grow and develop online by providing them with the necessary tools to succeed on the internet.

Honaro is a platform where SMEs can exhibit and sell their products and services and where customers can buy and book product and services. One of the main features of Honaro are the trusted reviews, where the customers can leave their opinions always vouched for both customer and company.

Powerful Social CRM

RESTful architecture to handle
high volume of transactions

Trusted Reviews System

More than 35,000 reviews with
Honaro Trust Certificate

Robustness & flexibility

Capability to power itself and other platform with its modular application

Used technologies

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Reward and Recognition

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