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How to motivate your tech team and attract employees

Behind the success of every prospering company, there is a great team. The ability to find an above average employee is priceless. Reliable team members allow you to sleep at night. You can trust them to do their job the best way they possibly can. But what happens when people don’t want to work for you anymore? Better ask - how to prevent them from wanting to leave? In today’s post, we are discus

5 most common mistakes that bring startup to failure

We’ve already covered the most requested topic on beginning a startup business. What’s also important to know in the beginning of your startup adventure is how not to fail. A solid 9 out of 10 startups fail before reaching success. The number is real, and so is the threat of failure. We’ve analyzed a lot of cases online and came to the conclusion that there’s a visible pattern.

How to get first customers for startup product?

The typical startuper is often imagined as a young and passionate entrepreneur, who’s got great ideas but is far from reality. Unfortunately, most of the startups fail shortly after the release of their product.

Everything you need to know before making an MVP

We are very passionate about creating products that will change the world and we believe you’ve got an idea for one. BUT, in order to conquer the world with your product, first you need to develop a proper MVP to test it out.

Our tips on how to manage a remote team

In software development and IT in general, working remotely is getting more and more common. If you want to hire the best software developers you need to be prepared for the fact that most of them would want to work remotely.


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