by Karol Andruszków
Multicultural Software House - Our Story
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When creating our software house, we never wanted to limit ourselves to trivial issues like geolocation, timezone, or native language. We work with clients from all over the world, our offices are located in 4 countries (to this date, but more is yet to come) and the members of our in-house team are from 7 countries. And that’s not all. Daily, we communicate and collaborate with some of the best specialists worldwide thanks to remote working. We’ll tell you a bit more about our company’s multicultural approach in today’s post.

How it all started

Multicultural means more than simply having people from several ethnic groups on board. With a global reach in mind from the very beginning, we’ve prepared our branding and online English communication. We hope it attracts international clients and, most importantly, potential employees from around the globe. We started from a small but still multicultural team and never want to change it. In the office, the communication is held in English because we want to encourage people to perfect their language skills and don’t want anybody to feel left out of the conversation.


A tip for any business owner who wants to build a multinational team is to create a positive image of the company, showing the outside world that it’s a place full of open-minded, creative people where diversity is encouraged.

What does it mean?

Unique atmosphere

First of all, a multicultural work environment means a lot of fun! Ulan Software team is full of exciting characters, and every day we learn something new about each other and our cultures. We bring our favorite national treat to the offices on birthdays or other special events.

Exchange of experiences

Because we all come from different backgrounds, we have different experiences. We acquired unique skills that are useful in unexpected situations daily. In a software house, anything can happen - our teams are involved in a bunch of projects and face problems from misunderstandings to technical issues and more. A diverse group means thousands of ideas per minute, resulting in immediate troubleshooting.
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Multinational versatility

In a software house, global perspective and multiple language skills come in handy pretty much every day. For example, our sales and marketing team looks for new leads and channels for promotion. Due to the multicultural background, we can all advise them on communicating with different groups and nationalities the best way. Also, we use the experiences we had back in our home countries to improve relations with Ulan Software’s clients.

Thinking globally

Thinking globally describes best our software house. And we try to pass it on to our clients. Without being open-minded and concentrated on the global market, our customers won’t succeed. We could just do our job, create a product and leave, but we want more! Therefore our global reach can become yours.

Motivation and effectiveness

Employee gratification is responsible for a company’s achievements and profit. We are very proud to say that each team member has many responsibilities and puts a lot of effort into delivering her/his tasks. Dedication can’t be forced. That’s why we prefer a happy employee working in a friendly and multicultural environment.

Company culture reflects your success

Multicultural energy is unique. It makes Ulan Software stand out against the rest. Having an international team also proves that we set no limits to our work’s location regarding clients and employees. It’s also been proven that international teams perform much better than strictly local ones. We hope our multicultural spirit shows through our work. It’s also the reason why we share Ulan Software’s culture on social media - to spread positivity and inspire others.

The global market is just around the corner

More and more company owners know that a diverse team is a must for reaching the global market, and a multicultural environment in the IT industry doesn’t shock anybody nowadays. Broader perspective and everyone’s unique history bring us closer to our final goal: delivering the perfect products and services to our clients from all over the world.